Red Flags

otr 8.26.19

At long last, recent polls are showing that there is broad bipartisan support for so-called “red flag” laws, or laws that would allow family members or law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily remove firearms from individuals who are seen to be a risk to themselves or others. When I appeared on Jay Oliver’s show on LI News Radio shortly after the tragedies in Texas and Ohio, we discussed these proposed laws, the recent shootings, and the gun control debate.

Some highlights from our discussion:

  • An American tragedy. Mental health issues are no more common here than anywhere else; it is our access to guns that causes us to have the most mass shootings. That’s easy to say, but when we look at our laws and rights, it isn’t so simple to solve. American citizens have a constitutional right to possess firearms. That’s a fact. But where do we draw the line?
  • The right to bear arms doesn’t mean right to an arsenal. Protecting your home with a single handgun is one thing, but no one should have a right to build an arsenal capable of murdering an entire crowd of people.
  • To shut down or not to shut down? As 8chan fuels the fire of hatred and violence, one side of the argument is to shut it down. But some disagree – the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Members of law enforcement have opined that it might be better to leave 8chan in place, because while the hatred is virulent, it’s out in the open. If you drive would-be perpetrators underground, by the time anyone is aware of what’s happening, it may be too late. Shutting these sites down is a double-edged sword.
  • Bipartisan support is critical. Mass shootings continue to be frighteningly common, and we need a solution. The only way we will get anywhere is with bi-partisan support. The “red flag” concept is gaining traction, but how do we decide what is and is not a red flag? We’re going in the right direction, but we have quite a way to go before this is resolved. 

Here is a link to the full radio show if you’d like to hear more.


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Plans in Motion – I’m thrilled that last month, as part of a strategic regional business initiative spearheaded by HIA-LI, the Long Island Regional Planning Council approved consulting services to advance development of a new workforce training center at the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge (formerly known as the Hauppauge Industrial Park). This newly designated “project of regional significance” makes the Park eligible for a host of grants and investment at a state level. Recognition of the tremendous economic impact of the Park is long overdue, and I’m grateful to the LIRPC for believing in our important work. 

Harnessing Support – I enjoyed a terrific lunch at Mario’s recently with my good friends and clients John Miller of the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs and Al Giaimis of Signature Bank. I’m a new board member of GDF/VetDogs and Al is a longtime volunteer, so we enjoyed a productive discussion about how to strengthen business and philanthropic relationships. I look forward to working with both of them on these organizations’ critical work.

We Are Family – On August 16, per CMM tradition, we closed the office at noon so our whole team and their families could enjoy the day together for a summer barbecue. We gathered at Country Fair Entertainment Park for summer food and drinks, games, face-painting, music, and some friendly competition. I’m always overwhelmed with a sense of pride when everyone’s beautiful families come together to celebrate. What a fantastic way to cap off a great summer. 

Looking Ahead – How do you close the gap between results planned and results delivered? Join us on October 16 in our training center in Ronkonkoma for “Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done,” my take on Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan’s bestseller Execution. (Thanks to my friends at HKM Associates and Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank, LLP for sponsoring.) We’ll take an in-depth look at how to get out there every day and implement the strategies to get things done. CMM Academy has provided a linear series of events for Long Island business leaders – from advanced negotiation to Marine Corps leadership principles to the management strategies of GE’s Jack Welch. Execution is the natural progression of these lessons, because no matter what we say or what we think, what truly matters is what we do.

I hope to see you there!