Q2 Roundup of Your Most Compelling Comments

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Q2 Roundup – Summer’s here, which means Q2 is just about wrapping up. With no shortage of current events to blog about, I’ve received many passionate responses to my blog posts these past few months – many of which gave me an interesting new perspective. I really enjoy hearing from readers – thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ll be back to blogging in July – and until then, here are some of the most thought-provoking and personal comments I received.

A Writer on Writing

I feel like I know you. This blog entry particularly resonated with me. I journaled in marble notebooks for more years than I care to recall. Thank you for writing this entry. I love them all, but this one… just so personally relevant.

Wow! You have really captured why I enjoy journaling (although I do not do it as consistently as you do) and writing generally in your blog. I agree that there are many benefits to putting thoughts to paper – I even prefer communicating through letters.

Fantastic post this week. Thank you! Does keeping the journal help you sleep better?? So many nights when I wake up in the middle of the night (for any myriad of reasons) I can’t get my mind to stop. It could be anything that keeps me up thinking…Your sharing today got me thinking that maybe if I kept a journal, putting some of my thoughts on paper before bed may help my mind rest better at night!

I want to thank you for sharing your thoughtful, reasoned and well-articulated perspectives on issues surrounding us. I particularly appreciate when you either gently open the door to another point of view and/or when you express in writing thoughts that reflect my own views but which I’ve had difficulty expressing cohesively. 

Remembering an American Icon: Barbara Bush

Goose bumps as I was reading this.

An amazing story. Thanks for sharing. In [my prior career]…I met both H.W. & W., father & son, 2 Presidents in the same room.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Eric Schneiderman

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is neither exclusive to what are generally considered to be “power positions” nor is it a new trend.   Awareness and resources to protect ourselves, both men and women/boys and girls, is critical.

It’s crazy how quickly Schneiderman just up and quit…I wonder if he thought he’d be subject to less scrutiny that way. Guess again.

I was actually stunned by your first sentences. Not by any stretch of the topic or truth to what you wrote, but to how succinctly you summed up the “courtship” and marriage with my own ex-husband…I love how eloquently you summed up a big problem. 

Out of curiosity, how did you group Donald Trump in with the other people you mentioned? The porn actress? Please explain your reasoning.

On Being Catholic, Part 2

It takes a lot of time and study to get a good sense of what the faith is truly all about. I have read many books written on Catholic and Christian theology and I have found that the faith is incredibly deep. There are so many layers of knowledge to plow through and when all is said and done you realize that, even after 50 or 60 books, you have not even scratched the surface of enlightenment. There is no reason for surprise. After all, God is infinite and the mystery of what He/She is will never be fully solved to a complete understanding by any human mind or minds…. Our Church in all of its human foibles has done much to damage itself over the years. But it is the one and only apostolic church that enjoys a direct link to Christ. I overlook the warts on the human organization and instead focus on the spiritual magnificence and radiant beauty of what the Church provides.

The Invisible Hand of Capitalism: Gun Violence

Well done, Joe, but regrettably true that $$ “trumps” human values.

My solution is to tax bullets. $10 per round. $20 per round? Whatever it takes to slow these maniacs down.

Howard Stern, the Riddle

An amazingly well written article on the complexity of this situation. You summed up so many of my feelings.

I guess you have run out of real life issues? What is this? What are you doing here other than supporting those that somehow think distraction is a viable weapon in this time of seemingly no ending assaults on who we are as opposed to how the world is all against us. Shameful.

It’s always startling to see the work of people we admire through new lenses. This is a bit wrenching, but in a good way. I’ve noticed how quiet Howard has been since Trump’s election, as if he is ashamed of how he promoted him…or perhaps that’s just my own projection!

You and many others are taking #MeToo to another level. ALL of the women on the Howard Stern show have volunteered to do whatever act they have performed. I’m a female and “I” am very disappointed in your article. I don’t know what your motive is but it sucks.  

Howard Stern may be able to entice low-paid women to do what he wants them to do. It all has to do with unequal pay for women and little chance of advancement.  

*Note: some comments have been edited for clarity and length.


This week’s wine is Purple Hands Holstein Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015 ($48.99). Very drinkable, light tannins, fruity, and finished well with grilled pork chops!


Father Roy – I recently wrote about spending the afternoon with Father Roy Tvrdik, touring the grounds of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island (which he runs) and discussing my complicated relationship with Catholicism. Last week, I invited Father Roy to a follow up dinner at my home. Over BBQ steaks and a delicious French wine (2010 Château Faurie de Souchard), we discussed openly and honestly the challenges I have with my Catholic faith and religion in general. It was a very good and helpful night.

Make Me Look Good – I enjoyed a fantastic visit with longtime business photographer Bob Giglione, the man behind the camera (and behind Bob Giglione Photography). I was fascinated by Bob’s story of how he turned his lifelong passion for photography into a business after 20 years as an insurance executive. In the two decades since, Bob has photographed the most prominent businesspeople and government officials on Long Island. His focus on positive, business-oriented Long Island news is perfectly aligned with our goals on CMM Live – to showcase the innovation and success happening in our local communities. Stay tuned for an in-depth spotlight on the photographer who has truly seen it all.

Negotiation – I had the pleasure of presenting “The Emotion and Psychology of Negotiation” for the professionals of the Estate Planning Council of Suffolk County on Wednesday at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. I saw some familiar faces and also made new contacts. Thank you to Joanne Schiefer of Wells Fargo Advisors for the invitation.

CMM Live – I welcomed two business leaders from different facets of the housing sector to CMM Live this week. First, Sal Ferro, President & CEO of Alure Home Improvements, talked about why Long Island is not a side act to our neighbor NYC but a great place to do business in its own right. Sal turned a small painting company into one of the most successful home remodeling companies in the nation. Discussing Alure’s role in helping Long Island homeowners invest in their own biggest asset gave me a new sense of confidence in our local housing market.

Next I spoke with Gwen O’Shea, President & CEO of Community Development Corporation of Long Island (CDCLI), a regional nonprofit founded nearly 50 years ago by government, business, and civic leaders to address the growing demand for affordable housing in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Gwen is a dynamic leader who spoke honestly of the challenges in the quest for affordable housing, but still with optimism for the infusion of funding sources, smart community leaders, and philanthropic businesses all working together on solutions. I was struck by CDCLI’s unique blend of policymaking and boots-on-the-ground service. Check out the full episode here.

Steak & Cigars – I kicked off summer at St. George’s Steak and Cigar Night with Clay Shorrock of Applied DNA Sciences and my CMM colleagues Jack Harrington and Patrick McCormick. We also enjoyed a round of golf in the afternoon. Happy summer everyone!