Mastering the Psychology of Negotiation

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Anyone can learn the mechanics of negotiation – preparation, active listening, and knowing your BATNA, to name a few – to become a good negotiator. But it’s not enough to be good. Mastering emotions is the key to effective negotiation and involves not only understanding and taking control of your own emotions, but also those of your adversary. Are you willing to make an investment into the emotional realm to become a truly great negotiator? Negotiation is an exercise in

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CMM Live: Construction on Long Island featuring Alex Badalamenti of bld architecture and Jack Kulka of The Kulka Group

In this construction-themed episode, Joe Campolo caught up with Alex Badalamenti, President and CEO of bld architecture. Badalamenti is an incredibly talented architect with a unique background in buildings of historic significance and landmark status. Topics ranged from the impact of the 2008 recession to strategies for attracting talent, as well as a discussion about the origins of today’s architect as a “master builder.” Next, Joe chatted with Jack Kulka, Founder and President of the Kulka Group, about his experiences growing up

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Demanding action on an American tragedy

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Schools and guns – Like many of you, I continue to be in a state of confusion, sadness, and anger – from a lawyer’s perspective, confusion over how to reconcile the Second Amendment with today’s realities; from a father’s perspective, sadness over how the parents and loved ones of the victims must feel; and from a Marine’s perspective, anger because helpless victims were murdered while unable to protect themselves. This tragic shooting shows the complexity of the problem because all the

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Reflections on another tragic shooting and protecting our children

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Another Tragic Shooting – My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the tragic shooting that took place Wednesday in South Florida. Once again, I am left shaking my head wondering how so much evil can exist in someone so young, and questioning at what point we will start to implement real measures at schools that will protect our kids. And while a necessary part of those safety measures includes a better process to make sure that

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Marine Corps Leadership Lessons for Our Elected Officials

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Leadership – Question: What do President Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have in common? Answer: They are all in powerful leadership positions, yet none of them knows how to lead. Not surprisingly, none of them served in any branch of the military (except for McConnell’s five-week stint in Army basic training before being discharged for a medical condition). I say “not surprisingly” for if they had, they likely would have learned a

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Reflections on civility, Napa Valley, and Long Island business success stories

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Civility – Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a story about a plane carrying a group of schoolboys that is shot down over the Pacific. The only adult, the pilot, is killed but most of the boys survive. The rest of the story revolves around the ensuing decline of civility that occurs when this group has no one watching and regulating their actions. The boys break off into groups and compete to possess a conch shell, and ultimately wind up committing

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