HIA-LI Chairman’s Spotlight – On Leadership and Ownership

HIA-LI’s mission is to support the growth of Long Island business as well as the heart of our economy – the Hauppauge Industrial Park. By advocating for the economic success of our region, we improve the quality of life for all Long Islanders. It’s a lofty mission, and to succeed we must know how to lead. So it’s fitting that this year, our theme is leadership and ownership. I recently presented “Leading Your Business the Marine Corps Way,” and I’d

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My Sordid Love Affair

Rotary club presentation, wine, and Winning presentation

My Sordid Love Affair – I must make a confession: I have been engaged in a sordid love affair for quite some time. Like all affairs, thoughts about my paramour consume my mind, and I find myself rushing from work like a young schoolboy so that we can be together. Once together, we connect in the most intimate of ways, causing my mind to wander to scenes of the most exotic places on earth. My lover, of course, is wine. For some,

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