On Remembrance

Happy Thanksgiving, Joe & his dad, and a group photo

On Remembrance – This past week has been one of remembrance. On November 6, I unexpectedly lost my beloved dad, Joe Campolo, Sr., at age 73. He played an integral role in both my personal and professional lives, having also served as the long-time Controller of CMM since its founding, known affectionately around the office as “Mr. C.” On behalf of my mother, my grandmother, my sisters, and myself, thank you for the outpouring of support we have received. It

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Eat First, Negotiate Later! (And Other Overlooked Negotiation Tips)

Plate with sad face

Before you take your seat at the negotiation table, invest some time at the breakfast table. That’s the takeaway from research conducted at Cornell University (reported by the Harvard Program on Negotiation) that suggested people feel a greater sense of entitlement when they are hungry vs. when they are not. (The study defined “entitlement” as “the sense that one is more deserving of positive outcomes than other people are.”) In the first experiment, researchers asked students questions as they were

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Stony Brook University Veterans Day Ceremony: Keynote Address

Marine Corps photo

Joe Campolo, a Stony Brook University alum and United States Marine Corps veteran, was honored to deliver the keynote address at the Stony Brook University Veterans Day Ceremony in November 2018. Good afternoon Stony Brook University, my fellow veterans, active-duty service members, families and honored guests. As a United States Marine Corps veteran and Stony Brook alum, I am truly honored and humbled to have been asked to deliver remarks today at this special celebration.  I’d like to dedicate these

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Her Majesty of the Law

Joe Campolo, Her Majesty of the Law, Halloween group photo

Her Majesty of the Law.  It is rare, particularly in today’s world, to find a person who possesses and uses their superior intellect to achieve world-renowned fame, and then readily and unceremoniously gives it all up for love.  Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is one of these very special people. <O’Connor’s story is quite remarkable. Born in El Paso, she was raised in Arizona on the Lazy B Ranch, a 250-square mile plot of desert along the New Mexico border. She grew up and

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