How to Negotiate with North Korea

When handling an important negotiation, the parties must take it seriously and be prepared. This approach is a must whether you’re negotiating a small business deal or about to engage in diplomatic negotiations. As I’ve previously discussed on LI News Radio 103.9 with Jay Oliver, the United States needs to carefully handle its sit-down with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and determine a roadmap for the negotiation beforehand. Here’s a great preparation checklist from the Wall Street Journal. 10 Tips for Negotiating with

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Remembering an American Icon

three images of Joe Campolo with several people, American flag, and Joe Campolo with John Robertson of The Sexy Salad

On Barbara Bush – I had the opportunity to meet Barbara Bush, along with her husband George H.W. Bush, aboard a Valentine’s Day cruise in February 1993, right after Bush had lost the election to Bill Clinton. I recall it as sort of a magical moment in my life, as I had served in the Marines under President Reagan and Vice President Bush and considered them to be American heroes. Her husband was the first President I ever voted for, and in part

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A Writer on Writing

three images of Joe Campolo with group, CMM Live camera with Joe Campolo in background. and Joe Campolo with sword in front of wooden door

On Writing – Many people ask me why I write this blog; what is the purpose? Great question, and in the beginning, I had no answer (I liken it to Forrest Gump just starting to run one day for no particular reason). Having been down this path for some time now, I am beginning to understand what compels me to write, and more particularly, why I write what I do and why I share it publicly. I interviewed myself this week to

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CMM Live: Energy on Long Island featuring Scott Maskin of SUNation Solar Systems and Mohan Wanchoo of EC Infosystems and Jasmine Universe

On this energy-themed episode, Joe Campolo welcomed clients and friends Scott Maskin of SUNation Solar and Mohan Wanchoo of EC Infosystems and Jasmine Universe. Scott explained how he turned his experience installing the 14th solar system on all of Long Island on his own roof in 2001 into a successful business based on delivering the promise of choice to consumers. Discussing SUNation’s culture of giving back, he also revealed why you can’t have a bad day when there’s an eight-week-old puppy at your feet. Mohan then painted a very optimistic picture

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