Quarterly Roundup of Your Most Compelling Comments

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Q1 and done – Well, that was fast! Somehow, the first quarter of 2018 is behind us. As we get ready for spring, Easter, and Passover and celebrate baseball’s opening day (Mets win!), I thought I’d revisit some of the feedback I’ve received about my blog these past three months. I really enjoy hearing from readers about what resonated with them (and what didn’t). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and broadening my perspective. Here, some of the comments that

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Bullied to Extinction

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On Extinction – The death this week of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino on the planet, really affected me, and at first I wasn’t sure why. I don’t have any connection with rhinos. Perhaps it is because they seem so powerful and majestic; perhaps it is because looking at a rhino gives us a glimpse as to what the earth was like when dinosaurs roamed it. Most likely it is because the first thing I read about it was a

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CMM Live: Hunger on Long Island featuring Randi Shubin Dresner of Island Harvest and the Future of Commercial Real Estate featuring Don Catalano of iOptimize Realty

The first topic of this week’s episode was hunger on Long Island, and we were happy to have Randi Shubin Dresner, Island Harvest Food Bank’s President and CEO, with us to address this critical issue. While the statistics about hunger on Long Island are distressing and even shocking (it’s estimated that Island Harvest’s services touch one in 10 Long Islanders), Island Harvest delivers sustenance and hope. She talked about the organization’s focus on treating everyone with dignity, its efficiency (94 cents

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Friends with Benefits

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? I find the recent surge in popularity of television shows and movies about English politics and the monarchy to be well timed (I’m currently obsessed with The Crown). While many, I am sure, are intrigued by the romantic themes and glamorous lifestyles, my interest in these shows centers around how the screenwriters and directors depict the leaders of a bygone era. Will Winston Churchill be portrayed as disruptive and boorish, or as an intellectual and artist? Will King George

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Understanding the Misunderstood Constitution

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The Misunderstood Constitution – From May until September in 1787, 55 brilliant minds in the newly minted United States of America met daily in the old Pennsylvania State House to debate and draft what was to become the most important document in our history: the American Constitution. Today, 231 years later, our Constitution stands as the oldest surviving written constitution in the world, demonstrating its ability to endure for ages to come. This is even more remarkable when you consider

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