5 Negotiation Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making

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Don’t be your own worst enemy in a negotiation. There are plenty of things to be mindful of at the negotiating table – wondering if you’re sabotaging your own efforts shouldn’t be one of them.  If you recognize yourself in any of the following negotiation behaviors, try taking a step back to reassess your approach. Mistake #1: Underestimating your own strengths If you head into a negotiation doubting your position and your ability to convey it, it will become a

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Exclusive Negotiation Periods: Friend or Foe?

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During an exclusive negotiation period (also referred to as a “lockout term” or even a “no-talk period”), parties agree not to enter into negotiations with any third parties with respect to the subject at hand.  For example, companies exploring an acquisition commonly insist upon such agreements so they can do their due diligence and decide whether to move forward with the deal without having to worry about another suitor swooping in and poaching the target.  So are exclusivity periods a

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